Regular Top-ups Prevent Costly Runouts

Running out of heating oil is not only annoying but it can have a negative impact on your heating system.  The sludge that builds up at the bottom of your tank can block your central heating system and lead to costly repairs. You might also need a boiler engineer to bleed your system through.

Join Our Never Run Out Program

Join Our Never Run Out Program

As part of the Never Run Out Program, we fit a state-of-the-art tank monitor to your tank.  This monitor tells us when the level of oil in your tank reaches a certain level. We then automatically generate a ticket at our daily price and deliver your fuel.

This program is perfect for those who are elderly, ill, have young children, or who regularly forget to check their heating oil levels.

So what are the benefits of our Never Run Out Program?

  • No installation fee
  • No hidden costs
  • Pay our daily price for your fuel - no inflated prices
  • No need to remember to dip your tank

If you sign up to our Never Run Out Program, you are agreeing to a 3-year-supply agreement with Moorland Fuels. The unit is yours after the three years.  There is a £6 monthly data and administration charge to run the program. The Never Run Out Preogram is only available to customers who sign up to pay by Direct Debit.

With our Never Run Out Program, we guarantee you won’t run out of oil. If you do, we will cover the cost of the plumber to bleed your system.

How do I sign up?

Simply call our friendly sales team on 01837 55700 and we will send you more details about our Never Run Out Program and arrange for a site visit.

Not quite sure what you need? Call 01837 55700 and our friendly team will help you make an informed choice to best suit your needs.
Useful information sheets & brochures (downloadable PDF)

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