Lubricants That Keep Your Business Moving

We supply a range of lubricants which are manufactured to the highest standards to meet the most recent industry specifications as well as the performance levels specified by the major equipment manufacturers.

We offer S-LUBE, a British Oil Technology product that is a hard working alternative to premium brands.  It delivers performance and value without an expensive price tag.

Blended in Britain, it has been specially formulated to meet the everyday demands in a range of industries.


S-LUBE POWER AGRI - Agricultural Oils

S-LUBE POWER AGRI - Agricultural Oils

S-LUBE's POWER AGRI Range works hard just like your equipment to deliver outstanding performance. The POWER AGRI Range helps extend machine life and reduce operating costs.

S-LUBE PROGRESS - Heavy Duty Engine Oil

S-LUBE'S PROGRESS Range is a line of heavy-duty engine oils that delivers high performance protection and extends engine life for commerical vehicles.

S-LUBE PREPARE - Gear and Transmission Oil

S-LUBE's PREPARE Range of gear oils and transmission oils is specially formulated to prolong oil life, improve efficiency and provide enhanced wear protection.

S-LUBE PERFORM - Hydraulic Oils

S-LUBE's PERFORM Range of lubricants are reliable, efficient and keep your equipment working at its best.

PRIME - Grease

S-LUBE's PRIME Range of greases have been designed to keep your machines running efficiently, with less downtime and a longer component life.


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