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Do I need to pay for a quote to replace my tank?

No, our tank replacement surveys and quotations are free and carry no obligation.

How do I decide what tank I need?

Moorland Fuels carries a full range of tank sizes that meet most of our customers’ requirements. We can provide purpose-built or custom tanks where necessary, although most tank replacements are a like-for-like changeover. Our tank engineers will work with you to determine the most suitable tank size to meet your fuel usage and property requirements.

What do I do if my tank is leaking?

The first step should be to contact us on 01837 55700 so that we can arrange for one of our tank engineers to visit you and contain the leak. They will have the expertise to determine what course of action is necessary and who to contact in case of an environmental emergency. As soon as you have called us, you can take the following basic steps to contain the leak and reduce any possible impact:

 Wear protective gloves before handling any items covered in fuel oil
 If possible, place a container under the leak to catch the oil
 If there is a small crack in the tank from which fuel is leaking, a bar of soap can be rubbed into the crack can
temporarily restrict the flow of oil

How long do tanks last for?

Our bunded oil tanks and fuel dispensers come with a 10 year manufacturers’ warranty and are produced from the best base materials and the most reliable fittings.  Each tank is tested ‘in house’ by the manufacturer before they leave the factory and will last for many years beyond the expiration of the warranty if properly maintained.

Do I have to be home for a tank installation?

It is always advisable to have someone on the property when our engineers complete the installation.

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