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Everyone loves a roaring fire in the winter. Whether you have an open fire, multi-fuel stove or a room heater, Moorland Fuels stocks a variety of coal (and bunkers) to keep the home fires burning.

Choose from:

Premium house coal £9.25 / bag 

  • Large-sized coal, burns with a long flame.
  • Low ash content and a high heat output.
  • Suitable for open fires and multi-fuel stoves.
  • Not suitable for burning in smoke controlled areas (unless using a Defra-approved appliance).
  • Save £19 by ordering 40 bags.

House group 2 (smoke producing) £8.60 / bag

  • Basic coal for open fires.
  • Save £20 by ordering 40 bags.

Mixed ovoids (smoke producing) £9.25 / bag

  • Blend of high-quality ovoids giving good all-round performance.
  • Suitable for Rayburns, multi-fuel stoves, room heaters and open fires.
  • Save £20 by ordering 40 bags.

Premium ovoids (multi-heat, smokeless) £10.75 / bag

  • Quality smokeless fuel.
  • Consistent quality, high heat output and low ash content.
  • Long lasting and excellent value for money.
  • Suitable for multi-fuel stoves, Rayburns, open fires and room heaters
  • Save £25 by ordering 40 bags.

Anthracite large nuts Welsh (smokeless) £10.75 / bag

  • Extremely long-lasting burn with a low flame.
  • Creates a small amount of ash.
  • Clean burn at a high temperature.
  • Save £25 by ordering 40 bags.

Kindling £3.50

Logs £4.50


All our coal bags are 25kg. If you live in Okehampton, we offer free delivery on orders of five bags or more. If you live outside Okehampton but within our fuel delivery area, we offer free delivery on orders of 10 bags or more. We also offer a cash and carry service available Monday to Friday 8am to 5.30pm and Saturdays (seasonally from mid-November) from 9am to 12.30pm.

Please call us on 01837 55700 or drop into our depot at Moorland House, 48 North Rd, Okehampton, Devon EX20 1BQ.

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